Support us in weaving a network of village-run restoration economy.

Green Investment

From 2021 to 2022 EBF has secured and managed a total of 46.4 billion Rupiah (US$ 2.9 million) of funds from Donors, Public and Private sectors. A combined future funding (2023-2026) of 29.5 billion Rupiah (US$ 1.9 million) has also been secured.

We are actively seeking additional funding from investors and donors to finance the establishment of 1000 bamboo villages across Indonesia. These villages will create jobs, empower rural women, improved rural livelihood, restore degraded land, improve water replenishment, reduce carbon emission and increase carbon absorption. It is an excellent opportunity for the green investors.

Work with us

We are a nonprofit organization committed to helping local communities use bamboo as a sustainable, profitable, and socially beneficial resource. We are always looking for experienced and passionate people to join the team.