ongoing & upcoming Project

SPEDAGI X EBF is our most exciting ongoing project. Teaming up with award-winning creator and founder of Spedagi Movement, Singgih S. Kartono, we are preparing 30 special edition bamboo bicycles to be presented to the world’s leaders during the G20 Summit in Bali. The bamboo strips used in the bicycle was donated by farmers from the sites of EBF’s programs in East Nusa Tenggara, Java, and Kalimantan.

The bamboo-based watershed protection and water replenishment program initiated by EBF and Heineken-Multi Bintang Indonesia will be replicated in several upcoming projects, including the one with DIAGEO. EBF will also continue the Rumah Bambu Lestari project to provide low carbon, affordable bamboo cabins for social housing program.

Architecture of the Futere

The adoption of green mobility, low- carbon buildings, and sustainable renewable energy are the critical building blocks for the establishment of Green Economy. EBF continues to lead efforts to accelerate that adoption.

SPEDAGI X EBF is developing quality and affordable bamboo bicycles that students in urban and rural regions could use for their daily commute

Working with young architects across the nations, EBF develops models of culturally-sensitive, locally-sourced, low-carbon bamboo buildings for social housing, post-disaster shelter, and ecotourism purposes.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Cooperatives & SMEs, NTT and Manggarai Barat administrations, EBF will build in Labuan Bajo the first RPB (Rumah Produksi Bersama), a shared factory that will produce innovative bamboo products, including bamboo pellets and biochar for sustainable biomass energy source. Owned and managed by a cooperative of farmers & artisans, RPB will provide both ecological & economic benefits to the local communities.

Key Activities

Seedling and Planting:

We engage communities, government agencies, youth organizations, and private corporations to participate in bamboo seedling and planting program aimed at restoring critical lands, protecting water sources,absorbing carbon and preventing landslide.

Bamboo Village Activation:

We assist villages and government agencies in activating bamboo villages. The activation process involves mapping out the resources, training the participants on various aspects of bamboo agroforestry through Bamboo Field School, implementing and supervising a sustainable bamboo forest management, mobilizing public and private sector supports, and establishing village-level shared factory.

Bamboo Research & Development:

EBF has carried out surveys and researches on bamboo resources, species and distribution as well as on bamboo’s carbon storage, thus positioning it as an excellent partner for bamboo-related programs.

Innovation & Collaboration:

Spedagi GORo Nusantara bamboo bicycle, Rumah Bambu Lestari low carbon bamboo cabin, natural fiber seedling bags are some examples of innovative products borne out of our collaborations with Spedagi Movement, Rumah Intaran, Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia, Arch:ID, Bambulogy, Bamboo Coop, and Du Anyam, respectively.