The current global situation of bamboo utilization has shifted from traditional to modern bamboo, along with improved technology and innovations. However, the literature on bamboo research and development in Indonesia is still minimal and fragmented. Moreover, it has not yet clearly seen the strategy and direction of future utilization and its sustainability. Therefore, it is urgent to know the current status of bamboo research and development, especially its sustainable use. A systematic literature review was carried out on the research and development of bamboo in Indonesia, examining and comparing publications from both academic and professional works of literature in the period 2001 to 2021. This study was conducted by building insights from past reviews and initial scoping analysis of two decades of bamboo R&D. The findings of this study build upon the research and efforts on the social- cultural, economic, and ecological aspects underpinnings of bamboo utilization and development. Furthermore, the typology and other supporting factors that have already been carried out will be proposed to help connect fragmented and detached aspects into an integrated strategy and direction of research and development. Finally, future orders for progressing and sustainable bamboo utilization and development in Indonesia are identified.