Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF) is a non-profit organization engaged in the field of bamboo and welfare of sustainable communities based on community empowerment.

EBF was founded in 1993 by the late Linda Garland (Indonesian Bamboo Ambassador) under the name of Yayasan Bambu Lingkungan Lestari. Along with the establishment of EBF, the Bamboo Planting Program in the Flores region was initiated in the same year as a form of post-earthquake Flores recovery activity (1992). In 1995, in collaboration with the Government of East Nusa Tenggara, EBF launched the Million Bamboo Planting Program in the Flores region which has subsequently become the first bamboo village for the 1,000 Bamboo Villages program.

EBF activities include community empowerment supported by research on bamboo and its supporting components, both in terms of socio-economic, environmental, and supporting science. By the time until this moment, EBF has developed a bamboo forestry system called the Sustainable Bamboo Forestry System which is a community-based bamboo forestry system to sustain a sustainable bamboo industry in Indonesia.

                                    Instilled by the creativity of our founder Linda Garland, EBF in its approach actively promotes innovation.

                                    TECHNICAL EXPERTISE
Over 30 years of experience with bamboo, including plantation, harvest and processing.


EBF has a long history of successful engagement with public institutions,
 including co-developer of the 1997 national strategy on bamboo, and co-launching the 1,000 bamboo villages program with the Ministry of Forestry and Environment


EBF has gathered a strong network of bamboo experts and strategic partners who are committed to the advancement of our vision.


Through a vast network of landscape partners and grassroots organizations that we collaborated with, we can reach most of the Indonesian archipelago.